In the past, generating images in specific styles typically required relying on LoRA models and prompts. However, when it comes to portrait images, achieving various artistic styles and visual effects without altering the facial features has always been a challenge. Now, with InstantID, you can easily unlock your creativity! Simply upload an image and use the workflow templates shared below to quickly generate high-quality images in specific styles, such as Ghibli style, comic style, sticker style, and more, making your creations easy and fun.

1. Instant ID Basic

This workflow is especially suitable for portrait generation. You only need to upload a portrait photo, and it will accurately recognize the facial features in the photo. Through image processing algorithms, it can generate a highly similar portrait image to the input photo while transforming the style into a unique comic style. Prompt reference: comic character, graphic illustration, comic art, graphic novel art, vibrant, highly detailed.

Overall, this workflow not only preserves the true appearance of the person in the original photo but also imparts a vibrant and lively comic art effect to the image. Whether it's for personal avatar design, social media profile pictures, or creative projects, it can help you quickly generate high-quality comic-style images, making your creations more creative and unique.

2. Instant ID IP Adapter

This workflow enables style transfer by inputting a portrait image and a reference image with a specific style. For example, in the image below, I input a reference image in a line-drawing style. This workflow will first accurately recognize the facial features of the input portrait image and then generate a new image with an identical face to the input image. At the same time, the style of the generated image will match the style of the reference line-drawing image.

This way, you can retain the appearance of the person in the original image while transforming it into the desired specific artistic style. Whether it's a cartoon style, oil painting style, or line-drawing style, this workflow can easily achieve it, meeting your diverse creative needs and making your work more vivid and creative.

3. Instant ID Posed

By inputting a person's image and a reference image with a specific pose, this workflow can generate a new image with an identical face to the input image, while the pose of the generated image will match that of the reference image. For example, in the image below, I used a front-facing photo of a woman as the reference pose. Regardless of the pose in the input portrait image, the final generated image will maintain the front-facing pose of the woman in the reference photo.

This means that regardless of whether the person in your input image is in a side view, overhead view, or any other pose, the generated image will adjust to the pose of the reference image while retaining the original person's facial features. This feature is especially suitable for image processing needs that require a uniform pose, such as comic creation, character design, and more, making your creative process more flexible and efficient.

4. Image to Memoji

By uploading a portrait image, this workflow will generate personalized expressions based on that image. Utilizing facial recognition and expression synthesis technology, it can accurately capture the facial features in the uploaded image and generate expressions that closely resemble the original image.

For example, if you upload a photo with a smile, the model will generate a similar smiling expression. Whether it's surprise, happiness, worry, or any other expression, this workflow can easily achieve it, making your avatar more lively and interesting. This is particularly useful for social media profile pictures, emoji creation, and more, allowing your online persona to be more diverse and full of personality.

5. Portrait to Sticker

Simply upload your photo, and this workflow will accurately recognize your facial features to generate high-quality face stickers. These stickers perfectly capture your likeness and can be used for social media profile pictures, personalized emoji packs, and other creative projects, making your online persona more lively and unique. Prompt reference: Sticker, svg, vector art, sharp, kawaii style, Anime style.

In addition, the model has a particularly thoughtful feature —— it will automatically add some decorative elements around your stickers, such as stars, flowers, and cute patterns. These decorations add more fun and charm to your stickers, making them more personalized and creative.

6. Portrait to Ghibli

Do you want to step into the world of Hayao Miyazaki's anime? Now, with this workflow, you can see your own Ghibli-style avatar. Simply upload a portrait photo of yourself, and it will generate a face image in the Ghibli style that looks exactly like your input photo. This is perfect for avatar generation. Of course, you can also achieve different effects by switching the LoRA model, for example:10 LoRAs Worth Downloading (opens in a new tab)

This style is renowned for its exquisite and delicate art and imaginative worlds, loved by audiences worldwide. It not only provides great visual enjoyment but also brings life and warmth through intricate character portrayals and touching storylines. If you also love it, try generating your own original avatar!

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