Comflowy vs ComfyUI

Many friends, after seeing our product, are most puzzled by "What is the difference between our product and ComfyUI?"

This blog post will answer your questions.

What is ComflowySpace?

Simply understood, ComflowySpace is a product developed based on ComfyUI, and its kernel is still ComfyUI. We have also open-sourced the code according to the agreement requirements of ComfyUI.

This means that ComflowySpace has almost all the functions of ComfyUI, including but not limited to:

① Basic Workflow Function

ComflowySpace contains all the basic Workflow functions of ComfyUI, and the overall interaction form is also almost consistent. If you are familiar with the way ComfyUI is used, then you can quickly get started with ComflowySpace.

② Models

The second important feature of ComfyUI is the ability to flexibly use various models, and ComflowySpace also supports all these models. If you have already installed ComfyUI and downloaded many models, ComflowySpace can directly load the models in ComfyUI, you just need to select "I have installed ComfyUI before" during installation. This way, you don't need to download the models again, and it won't occupy extra storage space either.

Moreover, those who use Stable Diffusion WebUI can also confidently migrate to ComflowySpace, because ComflowySpace also supports direct loading of models within Stable Diffusion WebUI.

③ Extensions

Thanks to the open-source community ecosystem, ComfyUI also supports a variety of third-party plugins, and ComflowySpace also supports plugin functions. You can continue to use all ComfyUI plugins on ComflowySpace.

What's Different about ComflowySpace?

So what's the difference between ComflowySpace and ComfyUI? Why should you use ComflowySpace instead of ComfyUI?

① Supports One-Click Installation

If you haven't installed ComfyUI before, I would recommend you to take a look at the official documentation (opens in a new tab) of ComfyUI to see its installation process, or take a look at our ComfyUI installation tutorial. After reading, you will find that it is very difficult to install. To solve this problem, ComflowySpace provides a one-click installation feature, eliminating the need for various complicated installation operations.

② Supports Workflow Management Functions

The second major distinguishing feature of ComflowySpace is the addition of Workflow management functions. This feature allows you to manage your Workflow more conveniently, and every change you make will be automatically saved, so you no longer need to manually export and save your workflow.

③ Supports Template Functions

In ComflowySpace, you can use various templates to build workflows, making the process simpler and more convenient. Moreover, all templates come with corresponding detailed tutorials, making it easier for you to learn how to use them.

④ UI & UX Optimization

Lastly, ComflowySpace has also optimized various details to make your user experience more comfortable:

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