10 models worth downloading

10 Models Worth Downloading

DreamShaper Model Series

If I were to recommend just one model, it would be DreamShaper. First of all, its imaging quality is quite good, with an overall texture somewhat reminiscent of Midjourney.

Furthermore, its SD v1.5 version isn't very large, it's even slightly smaller than the base model.

Lastly, and my favorite point, is that it has a rich set of companion models. It offers LCM, Inpainting models, and models fine-tuned from SDXL Turbo.

For those with less powerful computers, I recommend using the SD v1.5 model, specifically its V8.0 version.

Realistic Style Models

If your primary focus is on generating portraits, then the Realistic style models are a good choice. They produce high-quality portraits that appear more lifelike. Below are two models fine-tuned from SD v1.5.

If you have good computer performance, you might consider the following SDXL fine-tuned models. RealVisXL is the XL version of Realistic Vision. If you like their SD v1.5 version, you will likely enjoy their XL version as well. Another is Juggernaut XL, which can generate not only Realistic style images but also science fiction scenes. However, I personally feel it excels more in generating human likenesses. The last one is HelloWorld SDXL. Its latest version uses the GTP-4V model to assist in training, resulting in highly realistic image generation.

Anime Style Models

There are quite a few anime-style models available, but I will only recommend a few that I think are good. Dark Sushi Mix and MeinaMix are two models fine-tuned from SD v1.5, while Animagine XL is fine-tuned from SDXL.

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