DreamShaper V8.0 Inpainting

DreamShaper V8.0 Inpainting



Aug 1, 2023



Base Model

SD v1.5


CreativeML Open RAIL-M



Specializes in

Generating portraits of real people and anime-style content.
Size: 1.99 GB
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Comflowy Review

This is an inpainting model fine-tuned by the creator of DreamShaper based on DreamShaper. I've tried it out and the overall effect is quite good. Everyone can check the sample images below. By using the Inpainting feature of ComfyUI, simply mask the hair of the character in the image, and by adjusting the prompt, you can change the hair color and hairstyle of the person in the picture.

Creator's sample images

  • Positive Prompt: (masterpiece), (extremely intricate:1.3), (realistic), portrait of a girl, pink hair, the most beautiful in the world, (medieval armor), metal reflections, upper body, outdoors, intense sunlight, far away castle, professional photograph of a stunning woman detailed, sharp focus, dramatic, award winning, cinematic lighting, octane render, unreal engine, volumetrics dtx, (film grain)
  • Negative Prompt: BadDream, (UnrealisticDream:1.3)
  • Batch Size: 896x1472
  • KSampler:
    • Steps: 30
    • Seed: 5775692
    • Sampler: DPM++ SDE
    • Scheduler: Karras
    • CFG scale: 9
    • Denoise: 0.9

Recommended Resources

In addition to this model, DreamShaper also offers other models, such as the basic model and the LCM model. Additionally, if you're interested in Inpainting, you might want to check out our tutorial.